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Complete manufacturing facilities for manufacture of castings with the following production machineries, equipment’s and facilities

  • Induction melting furnace, Medium Frequency power supply 750 KW with melting crucibles of 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, and 2000 Kgs.
  • Induction holding furnace 450 KW power supply with crucibles of 5000 Kgs and 1500 Kgs.
  • Intensive batch mixer 150 kg capacity for core sand.
  • Continuous mixer 10 MT per mixed resin sand per hour for a two-part resin system with compaction table for mold production.
  • Shot blast machine – table type 48”.
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Foundry working area of 1600 square meters in three bays with material handling facilities

Grinding and fettling facility with power operated hand tools

CAD Software IRONCAD for 3D modeling and drafting

Primer & Rust preventive coatings by spray & dipping

Outsourced facilities for pattern making, heat treatment and NDT inspection including Ultrasonic and Radiography

Molten metal handling ladles of capacities from 80 Kgs to 5 tons for handling hot metal

Standby generators of capacity 1010, 250 and 63 KVA

Inspection instruments and gauges for precise measurement up to one meter

Induction melting furnace

Medium Frequency power supply 750 KW with melting crucibles of 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, and 2000 Kgs

Continuous mixer

10 MT mixed resin sand per hour for two part resin system with compaction table for mold production

Continuous mixer

6MT mixed sand per hour for core production

Core shooter for volume production of cores

Intensive batch mixer 150 kg capacity for core sand

Shot blast machine

Table type
48” diameter table

Shot blast machine

Spinner Hanger type
750 Kgs Hook Capacity

EOT cranes

capacity 12.5 MT, 10 MT, 5Mt and 2MT for handling hot metal and large moulds

Digital crane weigher

10 MT capacity for precise weighment of molten metal during filling and pouring with wireless data transfer facility for recording data

Process control instrumentation

including microprocessor based thermal analysis instruments and immersion pyrometers for liquid metal temperature measurement.


metallurgical process control software from Novacast for precise assessment of melt condition and control of melt parameters prior to pouring with prediction of tensile, hardness and cell counts

Clemex Image analyser Vision PE

for microstructure image capture and quantification of alloy phases with report generation including microstructure photos

Nikon microscope with camera

Epiphot 200 – capable of sample evaluation by bright field (BF), darkfield (DF), polarised light (Pol) and differential interference contrast (DIC)

Simulation software

Novaflow & Solid for PC based casting solidification simulation to determine optimum locations for placement of in-gates and feeders and determining geometric points prone to defects such as shrinkage and porosity

Nikon stereo zoom microscope

for study of casting defects and evaluation of sand grains and surface finish of moulds and cores

Struers automatic polisher

for preparation of microstructure specimens for optical microscopy and image analysis

Sand laboratory for testing of molding sands

bonded and unbonded

Mechanical testing of physical properties

40 ton UTM for tensile testing and hardness tester 3000 Kgs load with 10 mm dia indentation ball and portable hardness tester for hardness measurement of large castings

Human resources

Work force of 85 people with 25 qualified managerial staff overseeing Production, Process Control, Inspection and Testing